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News Regarding Practice

By Trey Parnell, 08/27/20, 3:45PM EDT


How is practice going to be structured and what will practice times look like?

The Rage has once again bolstered its skills development team to help implement our developmental curriculum, adding many more outlets for hands on instruction.  This high-end skilled development team compiled by our organizations’ leaders, is nothing short of world class.

Our continued curriculum will consist of a balance of skating, shooting, stick handling and team play.  The Rage has developed a skating regimen that has been proven year after to year to improve the players skating stride and edges.

Our highly skilled certified coaches using our Power Edge Pro program, ensures Reactive Countering Training to engage multiple motor skills simultaneously and develop a player’s small area game performance.  These drills are designed to provide 5x as many repetitions as standard drill-based practices.

The stick handling & puck control curriculum was specifically designed to increase reaction time & respond faster to create more opportunities in a game setting.  With the increased ice time and off ice tools now available, The Rage coaches are now able to spend more time focusing on hockey plays and hockey IQ without sacrificing precious skill development.  Our complete training curriculum was specifically designed to incorporate all aspects of the game to keep every player on a nationally relevant developmental path.

The weekend splits have already been established and we will run on a black and green weekend training schedule as shown in our season information packet.